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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Another one? What for?

    Pertaining to bows, how many of you have asked this? What for? What's wrong with the one you have? And any other ways of questioning the want of another bow?

    I hadn't really thought about it, I mean the wife asking this, until today. I had just finished shooting and was in the archery club meeting when I got a call from my dad. He needed some help as he had bought something at this auction. Okay, meeting over and over to his place. A piano? Okay, so me and my brother took off following dad and his trailer. Upright, low profile piano really looks super nice, I guess, if you're into pianos. I sort of question dad's motives, but the wife got him playing her electric lap organ a few weeks ago. So my wife's fault. So I got someone to blame
    So my brother and me lug the piano into dad's living through the dining room. And I count; one ten string electric guitar, one flat top quitar on a stand and this in the dining room. In the living room; one banjo, one rythm guitar, one bass guitar and one guitar he said he used as a back up. Yeah, and now add one piano.

    And I have too many bows and want another?

    So brain engaged I get home. The wife has a fishing pole rigged and propped next to the creek. I walk through the garage and count no less the 10 more fishing poles of hers, 3 tackle boxes and 3 buckets of assorted sizes for when hauls assorted catfish bait and whatever to go fishing.

    Not withstanding, more than half our garage is filled with her collection of stuff from the many back yard sales she "just has to go to."

    Point is, maybe I do have too many bows and maybe I don't need another bow, but now I have ammunition for that next bow
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