In the "Getting back into the groove" thread, I briefly outlined the basic "stringwalking" method. Remembering back to when I learned this aiming system from a lovely lady, the most difficult part to understand was how to gauge how far down the string to move, Beverly told me that she used the upper portion of her tab, as her guide, further explaiming that she had divided the upper forefinger part of the tab into quarters. Peace responded to my post, saying that he's almost understanding what I was saying, so I took some photos to illustrate what I was talking about.
In this 1st pic, I'm holding 3 fingers under the nocked arrow, holding here, when I draw and anchor forefinger in corner of mouth, when I put the point of the arrow on the spot of the traget at 30 yds, that is where the arrow will hit. I have'nt tried any of the other positions that I'm about to show, and so have no idea where they will impact.

The 2nd pic shows how I find a hold at the tab split, A being the bottom of the nocked arrow, and B is my thumbnail is over the split, the 3rd pic shows the hold at that point. Note the gap.

See 2nd post for more.