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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Putting a plug in...well, 2

    Yep, for real. I just put a new plug in my 1998 Kawaski 220 Bayou ATV. The little fella got ta balking some and a little unsmooth. Pulled the plug and saw that the center tip was gone. Well, not gone but burned back and shaking it would have the center tip slide back and forth, so burned off up inside the spark plug. Kinda figured that could be the problem.
    So to my Kaw dealer me went. So bought a new spark plug and here wandered in the original owner of the shop, Gary Jett. He had turned the Kaw shop over to his kids. Kids being a loose term as they are well into their 30s. I've known Gary and his kids since I was a kid....50 years maybe.

    Me is never easy on Gary. First thing I did was hold up the old spark plug and asked if it didn't fall under warranty. Gary; "You're killing me, Sonny! Just killing me!" Me wiked it!

    Yes, first spark plug since a I bought the ATV in 1998. The little machine has been a work horse. Pulling in deer and pushing tons of snow ever since 1998. It's hauled tons of trash stuff to the long entrance run of a underground coal mine shaft I've been filling in. Pulled tree top and good size logs it probably shouldn't have. Used at the archery club, it hauled over a 2000 targets for some 8 years. And it was on duty every 3D weekend.

    Snow. Look out when I get run at it. Blade set so, wide open in 1st and 2nd gear it will make snow fly like the state highway snow plow trucks!

    With the flood we just went through it's been worked and worked hard. And ain't no body as proud of their ATV as I am. It's paid for itself a few times over.

    It has never used a drop of oil. Front tires are still original, but have 20 cans of tire sealer/inflater stuff in them. The back tires were replaced 4 years ago or so. I've put 3 batteries in it. Years back the rubber boot cover for the drive shaft tore and, unnoticed, water and rust took out the carrier bearing. There is no replacing the carrier bearing, you have to buy the whole drive shaft. That cost me some $375.00. Otherwise, the little guy is original.

    Run? Oh yes! For a only a 220 cc it will flat get with the program. Offers to buy have been many. One even said he wanted me call him if I ever decided to trade or sell it. He was nuts and I was crazy; He offered me $2500.00. I gave something of $2800.00 for it new. His offer doesn't bother me a bit. If it blows tomorrow I ain't lost a thing. Like I said above, it's paid for itself a few times over.
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