I have been told by a dude on archery talk that my cam starting point is not right. didnt get much help after that. sooooo, can any of you guys tell me if there is some truth to that statement?

Its either 2005 or 2006, not really sure shoot thru and nitrous B cam. part of the problem is that the B cam should reach a max of 30'', i know for a fact that it is on about 30.5(which is my DL) and set on hole number 2 on the module. i had some problems getting the timing to stay true, that was sorted after a while.

BH- 8.6'' and should be 6.5
ATA - 41.1'' and should be 40.5
String length - 56.8 and should be 56.25
Cable length - 42.3 and should be 42.75

My problem is that i do not want to damage the bow shooting it the way it is, but if its acceptable the way it is, i am happy ( simply because i wont be able to find C cams. apparent very rare and expensive)