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    Default Thank You Eastman Outdoors!

    My father was watching Eastman Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel last fall, and saw a picture of my grandfather with a trophy Dall sheep he had shot back in the early 60's. I sent Eastmans an e-mail, explaining who I was, and asking if they had any other pictures or footage. Gordon Eastman used to film my grandfather on a few of his hunts in Alaska, so I hoped they might. Guy Eastman replied, but said sadly they didn't. The film had degraded to the point it was useless. On a hunch, Guy then posted my e-mail on their website.

    My grandfather was a big game hunter back in the 50's & 60"s. He passed away in 1973 when I was only 6 years old. The only real memories I have of him are few and far between. Mainly just stories I have heard from family, and people in our hometown who knew him. He was something of a local celebrity, and was semi-well known as a hunter nationwide. He'd been in advertisements for Hodgdon powders, Winchester, and a few others. Also had front page billing in the Jan. 1961 Field and Stream for an Alaskan trip that turned really bad. He and his guide were lost in Alaska for a week when their plane went down in a storm. Both survived miraculously enough.

    Anyway, after a few months, Guy Eastman sent me an e-mail, asking if he could share my contact info with someone that had replied to the post he had put up on their website. I of course said yes. Someone had some old footage of his grandfather on a couple Alaskan hunts, and remembered hearing my grandfathers name mentioned in it. The person made a DVD copy of the footage, and sent it to me.

    I received the DVD last week. I took it out to dad's to watch it. Told him it was just some old footage of a guy hunting in some of the same areas that grandpa used to. Well, 3 minutes into the DVD, there's my grandfather. 40 years after he passed away, and we were able to see him out doing what he loved best, hunting. There was a good 15-20 minutes of footage of him and a few other guys hunting Dall sheep and caribou, both of which grandpa got trophy animals. Those are two things I remember seeing mounted in his trophy room. As we watched in silence, through my own blurry eyes, I could see dad's eyes tearing up as well. It was a very heartfelt moment.

    Had it not been for the kindness and thoughtfulness of Eastman Outdoors, and especially Guy Eastman, this would have never happened. It's the greatest gift I have, or ever could, receive. For that I am forever grateful. This tells me the kind of person that Guy is, and all the people involved in geting me this footage. These are the kinds of people that we need in the hunting commmunity. People that care enough to help others out when they can. I am forever indebted to Guy Eastman, and just wanted to publicly let everyone know. These people are heroes in my book.
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