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    Sonny Thomas

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    Had this person question me on vanes. If by him you "have to have" or your arrow won't fly or fly as well as they should.
    Well, me gots this in my head. First, use your head. I'll use any dang vane I want and I will get good arrow flight. About the only vane I haven't tried is the Bohning Micro Blazer. Doesn't any difference the game either, not for me. I used Mini Blazers for indoors and long range. I've used Blazers fletched full helical out the 80 yards and no issues whatsoever. I've 4 and 5" vanes for indoors, Outdoor target, and Field. They both performed like magic.

    Not wanting over steer and what I would call a unbalanced arrow, I do watch FOC. But! I've never seen the time I needed anything over 10% FOC for target or hunting. Some of my most accurate target arrows have FOC down to about 6%.

    Actually, if the bow is set up correctly, it will fling a mulitude of arrows and different vanes with no effect or dang little. And I even tried that staggered stuff and different placement other than factory.

    And then he related that I hadn't fletched a lot or I'd known better. Well, since I returned archery and started fletching for myself and at the shop....So for about 3 years straight I fletched a dozen arrows a week average and myself, there's a couple thousand. And then figure 7 years on my own and my testing, probably total around 5,000.

    So I combined some pics to give some that I've done... You have to sort them out.
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