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Thread: I am NOT a scout master!!

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    Definitely not a place for spot n stalk, but if you get in early, find a spot to pop a squat, and stay put any noise you make getting in will be forgotten before too long and they'll be around. Heck, my grandpa used to set an old battery am radio in a clear cut and turn it up on talk radio or music or whatever he could tune in and then sit back on the fringe and wait.... they'd come to see what the noise is all about!
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    Just put two trail cameras up in a thick clump of Joshua's with some deer sign around it. It's been so dry here the deer are actually eating the tenderous parts of the Joshua, that makes my mouth hurt just thinking about it. If I get a good picture of that, I'll sure post it up. I've seen burros do it but never deer.<------------<<<

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    DZ, my best place is 5 acres. 2, 3 year old bucks, 4 does, 1 spike In 2 years. The 15 acres has a lot of neighbors shooting during gun season. My best bet is off the beaten path. If I start soon, I can clear some of the rocks out of what ever trail I make to get to that tree. I don't want a broken ankle at 5 am. It is as if the Sphynx farted out there.
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    Default I am NOT a scout master!!

    Got a spot on our property almost identical...except for the rocks.

    My treestand seat is less than 7 feet off the ground. Yep. I found where the deer moved, trails and watching deer come in and leave. Your case, a game camera might tell the story.

    Anyway, I found a back ground that would help cover my movements and the stand has been up some 8 years. First time I hunted there I hadn't got my ladder stand up yet, just stood beside the tree I wanted it in. I was there maybe 20 minutes and out of no where there stood this small rack 8 pointer and facing me. I just eased to full draw and took him head on. Arrow went in just off center of his chest and blew clear through his liver. Took I don't know how many deer there. My wife took her 147 score buck out of the same stand. Said the buck was looking straight at her and she let him have it.

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    Make you some fleece boot covers or use felt soled boots. You'd be surprised how well they work. Had the wife make some double thick fleece boot covers, things are real crunchy here in Nevada too.
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