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Thread: Hutch, Sonny, any opinions that agree with me....

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    Default Hutch, Sonny, any opinions that agree with me....

    My fancy new Cougar shootin' stick (Furty XT cam) had the cam module come loose and ate the serving on the cable before I caught it; in a VERY few shots. Would BCY 62, .021 be good enough to re-serve it with, beings that's what I have? Any idea how long the serving is supposed to be, beings I took it off before I thought to measure; not even the sharpest of field points..... The cable, itself, looks undamaged. Hate buying a brand new cable; it IS a brand new cable. Thanks

    And, I know the cam screws should be loc tited, but I plan to have to reset them as I bring my poundage up. I'll keep a sharper eye on them in the future. Sonny, the 'Insert Iron' is dry and I'm up to a full dozen arrows now!

    Thanks, o
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