Well, I've wasted ten bucks on less important things... lol As you, Hutch, and Ten Ring seem to recommend .014, I'm getting the Halo. Going to be down a week or so anyway, beings I can't find my server, which I just had twenty years ago, know right where it should be... lol A lot of things have sure changed with my 're-start'. I do hate not being able to shoot for a week; I was just getting to where I could really punch the trigger on my new fangled release, too, and was widening my groups out quite nicely.
Thanks for answering questions that are probably so basic, you must be amazed anyone wouldn't know already. But, honestly, all these new fibers, how 'slick' 'round' or 'tough' they are, which ones 'creep' or 'stretch' or not, what is best for which application, is all Greek to me!

Thanks, o