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Thread: Pekin 3D today

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Pekin 3D today

    Almost turned around as it was raining, but got to Pekin and the rain must have turned.
    Weather held and even got a little sun.

    Club Pres and I shot together and I had another good day. Shot 286 for the 30 targets. Just wanting to get away from the flood clean up and have fun I shot for center 10s though 12s were counted. My score was made up of; Two 12s, twenty-two 10s, four 8s and two 5s. Lord, I hate 5s.

    Don't know, just plain messed up on a long down hill Javalina, shot low. Around target 14 I shot a high 10 and then, brain dead, I added 2 yards to the next target and shot a high 5. Told DT the next target is dead meat and center punched that poor 3D deer perfect.

    When DT got close to a 12 I did try and nailed two of four 12s. DT got in the 12 of a 30 yard Javalina and I nailed it. Felt good! Felt even better when DT groaned when my arrow slapped his

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Pekin 3D today

    My score last month held good for 2nd place...and again 7 points down to ASA Pro Kevin Koch. He shot a 293 to my 286. I didn't say this in the Black Diamond Post, but most Pros won't turn in a score at club shoots. Still, coming in 2nd to one of the better ASA Pros does give a good feeling.

    June 2, 2013 - Shot Pekin again and again I shot 286. Dang! No 5s this time, but ran a string of 8s for a bit. Started with a high 8 on a McKenzie turkey and just kept going forever. Shooting five 8s is forever.
    Shortest distance was 22 yards and longest 40 yards, a deer. Longest distance for a small target, a coyote and javalina was 30 yards.
    And the humidity was high, soaking our t-shirts by mid point of the 30 targets. Worse though was the overcast. Threatening rain (grrrrrr!) it got dark at times. And Illinois weather! Like the humidity had us sweatin' good and by target 28 the temperature dropped and a breeze came in. Yeah! People were grabbing for light coats and sweat shirts, anything to keep warm.

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    Nice shooting Sonny! I guess I'm gonna have to try and find some shoots around here, I've never tried one before and I think I'm missing out! At the very least, it sounds like good practice .
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Pekin 3D today

    Thank you, wscywabbit. Got the news this morning. Nailed down 3rd place. It's nobody's fault but my own and not even my fault. Rarely do I go the ASA 12, but will if someone shoots a good marking shot. For this shoot I shot first all the way through.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Pekin 3D today

    June 15 and 16, 2013, Pekin, Illinois hosting a ASA Qualifier.

    Rained held off and we got the Qualifier in. Rough going with the humidity and sometimes really dark conditions. Not seeing the points rings is no excuse for not shooting. We shot. Hung in there, but the humidity just plain sucked the life out of me. Finished with a 279 on the 30 targets. Had one dang 12 is all. Just terrible really. Still, my 279 had me in 2nd place when I left. And then one of the guys I usually beat shoots a 284 to grab 1st. Regardless, 2nd makes me feel a little better about my lack luster score. Just hope it holds.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Pekin 3D today

    Well, my score held. Sad to say there weren't a whole lot of shooters, 24 total. Illinois ASA Qualifiers just don't shooters. If a club gets 30 shooters of a Qualifier they should be happy.
    And DT...Complain, complain, complain I forget which target, but I shot 10, but just a hair of missing the 12 ring. DT then followed and followed my arrow. He broke the nock of my arrow and sent his arrow down and out for a 8. I told him that's what happens when you try to take someone's parking spot I think he wants to give even for my Robin Hooding his arrow in the 12 ring of a Caribou at another 3D. The thing was, I couldn't see the 12 ring, but could see his nock. I then up and said; "Well, when in doubt aim for the nock." Now, he was watching with binoculars when I shot. Oh yeah, he watched my arrow Robin Hood his arrow and he was just floored. And then, I ain't never let him forget either

    Danny Terrill 284
    Sonny Thomas 279
    Darrell Lee 277
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