Almost turned around as it was raining, but got to Pekin and the rain must have turned.
Weather held and even got a little sun.

Club Pres and I shot together and I had another good day. Shot 286 for the 30 targets. Just wanting to get away from the flood clean up and have fun I shot for center 10s though 12s were counted. My score was made up of; Two 12s, twenty-two 10s, four 8s and two 5s. Lord, I hate 5s.

Don't know, just plain messed up on a long down hill Javalina, shot low. Around target 14 I shot a high 10 and then, brain dead, I added 2 yards to the next target and shot a high 5. Told DT the next target is dead meat and center punched that poor 3D deer perfect.

When DT got close to a 12 I did try and nailed two of four 12s. DT got in the 12 of a 30 yard Javalina and I nailed it. Felt good! Felt even better when DT groaned when my arrow slapped his