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Thread: friend suffering burn out

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default friend suffering burn out

    During a 3D this past weekend I was informed one of my sidekicks had quit shooting. Said he was burned out. Well, he's too young to be burned out. And of all things I was informed he was really up in the air from being beat my a old man. So frustrated he had actually threw his bow some long distance into the timber. The 3D over and ratchet jawing with others I give him a call. He said he would come over, but wasn't shooting, so forget that. So I find out he had thrown his bow into the timber for sure. And beings it was a Elite bow I told him he should have left it there. That got him going. So to hasten things along I would stop at his house on the way home. Thinking "old man" I was one that would fill his ear but good.

    So we talked. His burn out stems from him not doing what he should be, paying attention and doing things in order. "No reason in the world he should be beat by a old man" other than his own stupidity. And I related that this "old man" would clean his plow at the next 3D.

    So I spend a hour with him and discussed form, check off list and more. When done he was of a much brighter attitude. And then I did dangle a pair of Stanislawski MoreX releases in his face and he got a bit more picked up.

    Seems the simplest things can provoke one to give up archery and there's no senses to it. Archery is nothing repeating all throughout for each and every shot. You slip off the beaten path and you need some one to see it and have you get back on the path.

    Don't blame the bow. That's the first thing I do, check a bow. If reasonably tuned and arrow flight good and I start on the shooter. I have this so many times over the past 5 years, shoot someone's bow and have great point of impact. May not be in the bull's eye, but the arrows all pile up in a neat little group. So that leaves the shooter.

    Anyway, I hope my friend gets back on the "horse." Of course, nice guy me will be asking for a 40 point handicap Not that I need it, but to razz his young butt.

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    Good on ya Sonny for taking the time to help the lad out. Sometimes all someone needs is a helping hand, a kind word, a little encouragement to get back on the horse so to speak. Archery can be frustrating, as there are so many variables, including human error. And you're right, as long as the bow is sound, nothing has moved, it will perform like a machine (it is afterall ). But we as humans tend to bend where the bow will not. Our form gets sloppy, our follow through is not consistant, we forget to watch our breathing or make sure our grip is relaxed.

    You didn't mention how old (or young) the shooter was, but another thing I've noticed is that in today's younglings, who are so used to instant gratification, instant results, instant feed back, can get easily frustrated by something that they have to work at. Its a sad state. I constantly reiterate to my children that the only way to get better is to practice. And that perfect practice makes perfect, not just practice. Do they listen? Sometimes. But that's a whole other thread!
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    So did you take him out to the timbers and find his bow?
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    Good for you Sonny; as I watch my under 40 children dealing with (post modern) society, I THANK GOD I am as burnt out as I am at times. But burnt out on Archery----NEVER! With the Old Man, come wisdom. Keep given the younger ones whatever you can cuz their gonna need it.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default friend suffering burn out

    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    So did you take him out to the timbers and find his bow?
    Where I said; "Beings it's Elite///, you should have left it there," he commenced to say my (being polite here) black bows were no better than his Elite.

    Barry, he just plain frustrated that he can't put it together. Hard headed, bull pup. He was a bowhunter when I met up with him some years back. Yes, I got him started.

    He's went through everything you can think of. Just combine all the off the wall stuff you've ran into and put it into one person and that's my friend.

    He could together a "run" going in a 3D and then one bad shot would start the pressure building.

    As we talked that day, he realized he wasn't getting his draw elbow in line. And the biggie was him not having a "Check Off" list or at least didn't have it ingrained. So I had him go through what he had to do prior to and during the shot excution. So he's got a short target lane in the basement and he's to hit it, blank bale, no sights and step by step get his check off list in his head.

    For others in here, I bet Barry and Don I have a check off list. They probably can't tell you everything on it because it's automatic. A check off list is something one builds, might have 6 to a dozen items and only takes seconds to run through it. It is a list comprising of; something to check/counter one's faults, the first step to the stake, a moment in time that sets all in motion and that allows the list to be checked off and the only ends after the arrow is gone.

    My check off list is so set I can't separate step by step as I've done it so long. Okay, one item on the brain list sets off another check and like in rapid fire. Okay, you just don't step to the stake and slop in a shot, not every time you don't.

    Anyway, he's too work on his problems and I got invited back.

    You known, only in his 30s, he's got to learn to relax.

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