So after deer season ended in September, I put my Onza and my hunting gear away, and didn't shoot for a couple of months. In December, I got the bow out and went to shoot... it was grouping 3-4" low. I double checked all the specs, everything was good, everything was tight. I checked the peep and the sight and rest as well. All good. Got the chrono out, 5 fps slower than I remembered! Damn. Checked the poundage. Same as normal, 70# on the nose.

I had just ordered new strings from Hutch and I asked his thoughts on it, and we decided it was probably the change in temperature, went from 80-90 to 35-50. String came, I changed them out, got it all set up and tuned, Same speeds as the old strings. Fine, we'll work with that; I lowered the sight housing lol.

Fast forward to this weekend, temps in the 80's, beautiful weekend. Decided to get the bow and chrony out again. What do you know, I gained my 5 fps back, and am grouping 3-4" high lol. Its enough to drive a guy nuts I'll tell ya!

I decided that since I had the chrony out, I'd play around a little bit. Right at release, I'm getting speeds between 286 and 288 fps. Not bad for my short draw length. At 20 yards, the arrow clocked about 277. At 30, 266. At 40, 255. It seems to consistantly drop 10-11 fps every 10 yards. Start plugging that info into a kinectic energy calculator, and I get 70 fp at the bow, 65 fp at 20, 60 fp at 30, and 55 fp at 40 yards. How far out could I shoot (assuming I could hit what I'm aiming at lol) and still have a deadly amount of kinectic energy? How far would you push it lol?

Anyways, just a little fun this weekend and some info I thought I'd pass on.