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So, not properly assembled. Okay.

You should have ordered the Sure Loc manual that comes with the Sure Loc. Assembly, parts, accessories. Some go for the Leathal Weapon, a five pin sight that adapts to the sight frame.

Something to use for the Sure Loc, Xsight by Richard C. Brown. You can find it on the internet. It's a free program. It's work with the Grid Scale of the Sure Loc. I use it for all my Sure Locs. Being Super Senior in ASA my max is 40 yards.
Sight in 3 yardages, 15, 25 and 35 yards is good. Plug in yards, Grid scale mark and number of clicks for each. Program will then print a chart showing grid mark and number of clicks for every yard from 15 yards to 54 yards. Printed chart is about credit card size. I plastic coat mine. I call it my cheat sheet and carry it in my pouch of my quiver. Nice about it, I don't have to cover my sight scale as per ASA rules.

example of; 21 yards is 27.05 using the scale and vertical knob for clicks.

Or if you wish, the program will print a colored scale to stick on the Sure Loc. You have to have the stick on type paper.

Hint for XSight; The more accurate you are in finding the correct setting the more accurate the program. You want a short yard, like 15, and the intermediate and a longer yard, like 35 or even 40 yards.

Accuracy of the program. Early last year or year before I entered only one long range Novety shoot. Yardage was given, 52 yards. The target was a 2" diameter orange clay disc. I set my Sure Loc for the yards, drilled the disc and won.
Many thanks for the tip and the website information. It always amazes me how much information and knowledge you have in addressing my various questions over the past few months. You are a great asset to the forum and newbies like myself.