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Thread: Slinging them out to 50 yards.

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    I also agree with you guys. Practice out beyond 20-30 yards will make bulls-eye shots at 20-30 much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double S View Post
    I shoot out to 70 yards alot. I hunt open fields so I practice like I'm hunting. Not many tree's where I hunt. I use rubber blunts and shoot at a thick rubber ball. I think it's some kinda of a livestock toy ball. It's about 12 - 14 inches in diameter. I place it on the grass in front of my hay bales and start out at 70 yards and shoot and walk in. I take two shots at 70 then walk in to 60 and shoot another two shots repeated until I get to the 20 yard line. I think it helps with stamina. If I started at 20 and walked out to 70 my arms would be burning and I'm less accurate. So I start fresh at 70 yards and walk in. Rubber blunts on rubber balls are great. They bounce off the ball crazy. Sometimes they will come back 30 yards. No damage to the arrow or rubber ball. I get bored easily shooting at my big green target. I tried shooting at a basketball and even at 60 yards, the rubber blunt arrows makes entry instead of bouncing.
    Double S, I think you are really on to something with you blunt tips and rubber ball. As long as your arrows hold up, and you never have to replace your target. AWESOME!
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    I agree. I try to shoot out to 100 yards once in a while, and 60 yards on a regular basis. It makes those 30 and in shots seem so much easier. Also does wonders for helping with form, and a steady hold. I say practice at least twice the distance of your normal shot range, and you'll be amazed at how well you shoot at your normal range.
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    Default Slinging them out to 50 yards.

    Come hunting season I practice out to 40 yards with my hunting bow. Normal distance for Super Senior in ASA 3D is 40 yards. Club 3Ds have been known to put a couple out to 50 yards and maybe a tad once in a while. When I shot Field and Outdoor Target I practiced a bunch. Of course Outdoor target is 30 arrows for each 60, 50 and 40 yards and two days worth for the State Championship. For Field practice took place from 20 feet out to 80 yards. Now, a 5 inch bull's eye isn't all that big when looking at it from 80 yards, but I got ticked if I missed.

    Today, I normally practice from 30 yards both at the shop and at home. The X ring of a NFAA 20 yard indoor target gets drilled fairly easily and the bull's eyes is just dead meat. I may shoot 50 to 55 yards and once in a while reach out 60 yards, but it's either I'm playing or French tuning. I stopped shooting Field and Outdoor, dropped the NFAA when our State association eliminated the 3D Championship. Our club also dropped the NFAA. And I did exceptional well shooting Field and Outdoor.

    When I was French tuning my MarXman I used 55 yards. Many times I had two arrows touching and one the width of my index finger from the two. A little practice and I think I could drill a 5" 80 yard bull's eye.

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    Live in the West and would never consider a shot over 50 yards, 55lb max bow with a 2 blade CC head. Yes I practice out to 60, beyond that it's a waste of arrows for me. 30+ years as a crane operator taught me (Lloyd Thompson") closer is always better.

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    Echo Double S, start at 20 and work my way back to a 75 yard shot. Five pin set-up 30, 40, 50, 65, 75 yards. Here in Az it's not in common that your shooting game at 50-75 yards. Last years Bull Elk 68yards shot with a Slick Trick Mag 100g, dead on shot. I practice at 65 and 75 a couple times a week to keep that skill and have the bow set @ 70lbs to keep that flat flight with a 420g arrow. Sight is a Pro CBE .19 and sight axis adjustment at that range is very inportant. I have shot a few Mule deer at 30 yards from a tree stand and blind but it seems that most of my shots over the years become a spot and stock @ 50+. 50+ yard shot the wind needs to become com and your shooting window open or your just another chump out there sling arrows.
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    On the practice bales I hardly shoot closer than 45 yards, and I shoot a full field round twice a week along with a 42 target 3-D every Sunday.
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