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Thread: wrist sling or not?

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    they look good if you match your string colors or bow accessories, i cant honestly say that i shoot better with one, i often catch myself not even using it.......but they look sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob cooly View Post
    Not me, throwing my bow at the Mtn. Lion breathing down my neck is my only option as you cannot carry a sidearm while bow hunting. Wrist sling might get in the way. 125lb cat caught in Lancaster Ca. a few days ago. Just never seen the need.
    If you are looking for a legal back up to a bow hunting "oops I missed and made my target angry" side arm, might I recomend this.
    It can be easily attached to a walking stick and voila, you own personal spear which IMO would give you beter odds than throwing your bow.

    Even a good knife would better at that point IMO.
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    Sling for me. Really need it for close range shots from a treestand.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default wrist sling or not?

    Here's one I have on order, but all black with the ivory skulls. Two other skulls are available, transparent white and chrome. I also have on order a black and flo green wrist sling and matching binoculars strap.

    Would this be saying I'm a head hunter?
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    Yup,just don't feel right with out one.

    Hey Sonny,nice skulls.I have the chrome ones on my Firecat,but I like the ivory look better.

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    [QUOTE=Simple Life;104241]Yup,just don't feel right with out one.

    Hey Sonny,nice skulls.I have the chrome ones on my Firecat,but I like the ivory look better.

    SL, sweet....
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    Years ago when I shot a lot of field and target I used a finger sling. That's back when bows had more vertical limbs and jumped out of your hand. As time went on I changed to the more conventional wrist slings. In 2010 I got my Alien Z and now have two Alien Nemisis. I was going to get a custom wrist sling, but then thought better of it. I like the sleek lines of the bow itself so, WHY? Being as these parallel limb bows just don't move at the shot I can't see cluttering it up.

    If I still hunted I'd probably have one on just for those shots from a treestand, but for target and 3D I'd rather see it kept clean.
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