Hello everyone,
I ve already posted a thread about the tuning the fury xt cams and i am really thankfull for all the replies.
I am new to archery and i am searching for a target compound bow.Most of the people in the club where i practice suggested hoyts like pro comp elite,pro comp elite xl,contender etc and a couple of mathews conquest etc and the pse supra max,dominator etc. Well they look fine but i dont know whether it would be ok for someone new like me.
Well they all look the same to me(the aspects look similar with very few differences to some aspects).Remember,i am new to this thing.
The major difference though is the difference in price.Not to judge the quallity of Martins.That's why i started looking at Scepter V.
The bad thing is that i live in greece.The only bowshop has just a few compounds(maybe 3 available at the moment) and the Martin Archery dealer is located around 400-500 miles away from the place where i live.
So if possible,i would like to have a detailed preview about the scepter v from a target practitioner and a suggested set up(Stabilizers,releases,sights,scopes,etc).
Thank you in advance.