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Thread: Do you like fast food

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    WOW didn't see that coming! LOL Fast food, fast cars, fast bows, fast women, sheesh these are a few of my favorite things lol
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    fast food in town....i like a deli i worked at in highschool called bromas....some millionare in my hometown wanted a mccallisters and they wouldnt build one so he literally copied their menu and changed the name. one of the most successful small businesses in the southeast in a small town in ms. also like warsds and hardees, better known to you guys as carls jr

    as far as fast game. squirrel cooked down in the crock pot, seasoned very well with a little apple cider is great.....actuallyy saw the recipe on meat eaters on very well with rabbit to, i even cooked down some deer ribs with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiker View Post
    Antelope. I actually like it more than the Mule Deer we hunt here.
    If I do go to a fast food joint - I do a salad and iced tea.
    I heard on the radio today that some restaurant in Florida is serving Lion now.
    Lion meat costs about $260 per pound so a steak there is about $36.00.
    I've had the meat from 2 different Mountain Lions that friends have taken with their bows and it
    is delicious. Actually by far my favorite wild game.!
    Cat Stew is incredible!
    Man I might have to make some good use of the neighbors cats. Woodchuck is pretty good pan fried. Very tender and has a slight sweet taste to it. Like a honey glazed ham but more faint. I don't like rabbit. I shoot them to keep them out of the neighbors garden and make key chains from their feet once in awhile. The dogs n cats eat the rest. Venison cubed and pan fried in salted butter w some ONIONS and punch of hot pepper then rolled in a tortilla shell,then throw it back in the pan to crisp up the shell. The food of angles!

    Then there's Little Ceasers $5 hot n ready and my typical McD's meal: 3 Double Cheeseburgers w extra ONION,2 lrg fries a regular coke and a large chocolate shake. Then I'm good to go for a few hours
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    If you are ever in Jackson Wyoming and want a good Buffalo Steak and good micro brew, Double Barrel is great. It was about 50 bucks for the food and a couple pints, but it was fantastic. There is also a place on the road out towards Alpine that has all kinds of Buffalo and Elk sausages, steaks, salamis and any other tasty way to eat meat.

    If you're ever in Jackson Wyoming.

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    Wow! Mt lion is good. Never figured that one. Hit one last year, blood everywhere but no cat. Some day I get one, had a few chances. How the best way to fix and or process, burger and or steaks.
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