I recently got a 2012 Onza3. I have it set at 28.5" draw, 58 lbs, shooting 28.5" Carbon Express 250s with a 100 grain point. I think I have it tuned pretty well. I am relatively new to tuning compounds. However, last evening I had the lower cam balanced on my toe as I was taking a little rest between shots and I noticed that when I visually aligned the limb bolts the arrow on the rest pointed about 1/2 inch to the left(I'm a rightie). The arrow did not align with the limb bolts and stabilizer when viewed from above. When viewed from a shooting position, with the string aligned with the center of the riser, the arrow is decidedly pointing to the left. Is this normal? Would a CE 350 be a better choice of arrow and bring the shaft back to center? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.