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    Sonny Thomas

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    It's been a while back, but when I first tried the banana style grip of both the Onza and Nemesis I wasn't fond of them and I'm still not. So it seems Elite has something on the same order, a banana curve riser grip. I was just PMing with person who just now switched from the Elite with banana grip to a Athens with the standard slant grip and found accuracy he never had before. And he contributes all to the grip style, not the bows themselves.

    Personally, I never had accuracy issues with the banana type grip, just wasn't fond of it. I believe the above person needs some instructions of how to place his hand to the riser grip and let it slip to where it won't slip any more. And this is something I never thought of when I shot the Onza III and Nemesis bows, letting my hand slip to the proper hold. I either did it instinctively or my hand was set to start with.

    Pic of target below was shot with a Onza III. Basically, if my bow and shooting indoor target I would have turned the draw weight down and felt well armed to compete indoors...Well, at the local club or perhaps the state level.

    Still, the banana grip doesn't allow the "slip" of the standard sloped grip. Problem; There isn't a lot of target shooters in here and those that are shoot the Shadowcat that has the standard sloped grip.

    So, how many have issues with the banana grip? Or better yet, do you have accuracy one day and another day accuracy seems inconsistent?
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