Well,after finishing the other one except for paint,I didn't like it and tore it down and started over. The fingers are 3/8" thick aluminum and cut out w my dual cut saw,shaped with my angle grinder. They are taped up in the pics so I could try it out. They will be plasti-dipped eventually. Then I need to get the right size bolts and drill and tap holes for set screws in the fingers to keep them from flopping around. I might have $20 into this by the time I get a few bolts and the plasti-dip. I'll be adding removable legs and a carry handle. I want it portable to take to range or hunting camp or to friends houses if needed. The Exile is on the press in the pics. I'm happy with the total investment and how it turned out. Oh,the crank handle is off an old meat grinder I found in the scrap pile along with everything else