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    Quote Originally Posted by scepterman30x View Post
    Are you fricken serious!!! You would think at minimum wage you could at least get some benniies.
    well i mean what do you expect man...a hobbie doesnt exactly win the bread. most archery shops where i live are sporting goods store and they depend on ammo sales and stuff like that to keep them afloat. the bowtech dealer in my town is a fishing charter, and opens his shop from 10-5 4 days a week. when i was stationed in florida while in the service, the man that ran the bow club which was striclty a range and pro shop was a retired man, who had been bowhunting his whole life, but being that is was his passion he reired then opened a bow shop. i would actually like to do something similar to this one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wscywabbit View Post
    I believe it was Hawgenvy (maybe?) that made his own bent rod... but that was a DIY tilt tamer, not for clearance issues.
    Yes, but just saying if a rod can be bent for this then a offset rod can be made.

    Just wondering how much one should be offset and then for marketing purposes leave the rod ends long with instructions to cut to fit.

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    I guess someone will try experimenting, but I think the Nemisis will be a little harder to configure due to the bridged riser. There just isn't a lot of rod left behind the bridge. I might have to check mine out even though I don't have the problems some guys have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    OP= Original Poster. I was too lazy to scroll up and see who started the thread. I hope you didn't take offense.

    Just one more suggestion. Have you tried Duravane LP-400 vanes> They are only 3/8" tall and are only 1 gr. heavier than a Blazer.

    As for a white slide I don't see a problem. There isn't enough white to alert an animal. White usually tells me it's Teflon and Teflon is still the best material for a slide IMO. I'd rather have function than aesthetics.
    No Barry, my feelings aren't hurt. Right now I am using some vanetecs. Clearance is not a problem with these. It will be when I swap out for a new.slide due to the straight shaft. The reason why the white is an issue is because I spent MY money for MY bow with CLOAKED CAMS and there is this stupid bright white thing staring at me. If it were pink it would still be an issue. It means some one did not think first.
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    I know that Martin offers 2 slides, one white and one grey. I believe the white one is teflon and the other just a composite plastic. But the point is that there are two, and it seems to me that one is lower profile than the other (I seem to remember reading that in a thread somewhere)....
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