Son of a....I forgot that every bow had 2 grip options...and that you could also order them unassembled, painted, anodized, powdercoated or raw. And...if there was a config that you didn't see...just call us and we'd build it for you. Just dont call us when you peel your specification sticker off the bow because we probably wont have that info.

This is never ending...We also had a 16" limb version of the Tracer with Z cams that we sold exclusively to Cabela's. Oh, and the Tracer 'LT' for Dick's Sporting Goods. There was also a version of the Prowler we made for the Fitzgerald family under a private label.

If you take the 'Fuzion' limb pockets and put those on a Prowler with XRG limbs you essentially had a poor man's Scepter.

That reminds me...we had two different limb pockets to accommodate the 2 different limb styles of Fuzion cam bows.

and THIS is just what I can come up with off the top of my head.