Okay here is the issue, i have my nemesis and love it but upon setting it up for hunter class 3d i ran into some issues.

My spot hogg sight does not have enough adjustment i have it maxed out as far to the left as i can and its still about 4 inches not enough @ 20 yards.

Upon brainstorming i thought well maybe its just me being a little rusty with my back tension release, but upon further investigation i believe i have just to much cam lean. which i believe is due to the roller guard (which i absolutely despise with a passion)

I have a shoot next weekend in Ohio (Hotel and shooting fees already paid) and really need to get this resolved, any input appreciated if I am going about this wrong let me know and i would also like to know if the Nemesis can be converted to a roller guard if so let me know the part number or if any of you guys have a spare i could buy Thanks!