When I got to Redding my Shadowcat was shooting real low and I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on. I fought with it all day Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I shot my backup bow.
Once I got home I shot my number one bow and it was still shooting low, I lost almost 10 yards. I swapped out the limbs with a new set I have and that didn't fix the problem.
I swapped the limbs with my back up bow, still no good, my back up bow shoots fine.
Would anyone know if he riser might be the problem?
The top seam where the 2 parts are bolted togeather looks like it might be getting more movement than normal.
If it is shifting during the shot, could it cause the arrow to hit lower?
How can I check the riser, can I just tighten the bolts back up if they are loose?
Thanks for any insight on this.