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Thread: Onza draw length

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    The Onza with the Nitro 1.5 cam will go down as low as 25.5" but changing out the cam will also effect the peak weight by as much as 10 lbs. If you were to long string/cable the bow (maybe add an inch of length to both...maybe more) you would essentially lose draw length without changing too much bow weight but by doing so you would also reduce the brace height significantly.

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    Thanks for chiming in Joel and everyone. Would the performance difference from long stringing be noticeable? Would there be a speed gain from lowering the brace height, or would it be offset by lengthening the string/cables? Basically, I'm just trying to find out how to get this thing to a 26 draw without losing performance for a fellow Martin member here. I don't want to sell him the bow if the performance isn't going to be where it should be.
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    Default Onza draw length

    First, the one you're wanting this bow for must understand what is going on.

    Phone number for you. M&R Bow Strings, Roger Snodgrass. 1-618-534-6155. Roger knows me, so give him my name if you wish.

    Roger has been building strings for the shop ever since I began work there, back in 2008. He also built beautiful custom colored strings for my bows; Hoyt ProElite, Hoyt MagnaTec and Frankenstein bow. Custom made strings to correct a bow are not cheap as measurement have to be found. My finished set of strings came to $110.00.

    Explain to him what you have and what you want to do. If not a custom made set of strings, I'm pretty sure he'll tell you what I gave earlier, untwist both cables 1 full turn, twist up bow string 3 full turns (because of such a short bow string). Okay, 3 to 1 ratio.

    Again, I have done this and did not lose draw weight or speed. Roger gave me a ratio of 4 to 1, but the bow string for a 2010 Shadowcat is quite long compared to the Onza. Each bow model being different, I don't know how the Onza will respond.

    Done as Roger instructed for my Shadowcat, draw length was reduced big time. I had exact 28" for the 28" mod. I'm pretty sure I put in 20 twists in the bow string, so 5 untwists to each cable (almost no twists left in cables). A Martin/Rytera Staff shooter was present and wanted me to leave it as is because it held to bow specs and I had the same velocity as before. I was just afraid of the numerous twists in the bow string. I should have asked Roger or just sent it to him for custom strings and been done with it.

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