I read T8's post on gestation and gave thought and checked on a few things.

Here's what I have;

Head gear of young bucks; Fawn bucks normally sport "buttons", but spike youngster aren't rare. And long yearlings have been well noted to sport 10 racks, though small and lacking mass.

Button bucks; Wife killed one her first time shotgunning. Weighed in at 150 pounds.

Spike bucks; One I let pass, and was chewed out for not shooting, sported spikes well over a foot long, somewhat straight up. I was impressed and just watched him.

Spike bucks; ??? One of the largest ever killed in Fulton county weighed a impressive 309 pounds. Said was it field dressed when weighed. No official aging was noted to my knowledge. Still, bucks don't always produce racks of norm. So I wonder if it was a buck of some age, not a long yearling.

Long yearlings; 10 point rack long yearling. I killed one years back by mistake during shotgun season.
Not really small for size other than his main beams and tines where thin, maybe double the diameter of a lead pencil. I didn't know he was there. I shot a doe, I thought, but she took off running and not lookin hit at all. I shot her a second time and dropped her. Upon inspection I had hit her only once. Still in sight of where I was standing I looked to where she was when I shot the first time. Mercy! And there lay the buck. Evidently, he was feeding and when the does head came up and I shot. Check stations still going back then, he was aged a long yearling.

Big deer do not necessarily have big racks. My largest weight deer weighed over 310 pounds. His 10 point rack scored 126 even. He was aged at 3 1/2 years old.

Heavy deer; I believe the Illinois or Indiana record is held by a doe. Said was she tipped the scales at 390 pounds and said to have been sterile.

Had to be the most embarrassing moment in deer hunting history; Man was at check station checking in his buck. Newbie or for whatever reason the man did not field dress his "kill." I understand he was 3 or 5 vehicles back in line when the all H__ broke loose. His "killed" buck woke up! Banging around it got out of the trailer, jumped a car or truck and went off through the town of Lewistown, Illinois. Lewistown is about 7 miles from me.