Got a problem here so who to ask, but "the guys". Anybody have OT2 or similar?

I have a 10 year old student I've been coaching and just spent several hours setting up her bow. She's been shooting it and doing well, but I'm trying to help her hit a magical 500 on a Vegas round. The bow is a Razor Edge, short little thing. Trying to sync the cams was a real booger. Came down to the cams hittin stops, one 1/8" ahead of the other. 1/2 twist on a cable made it go 1/8" off the other way. Finally got it down to putting 1/2 twist in a yoke. I hate these short bows. Finicky little things.

Anyway, A2A is right at 30", brace height is 7" even, draw weight is 29.36# (maxed), and AMO draw length is 21.5". I'm assuming the cams are the soft variety. She's shooting GT UL-600 arrows, 22" long, 4" feathers, 80gr target tips, and pin nocks. What spine arrow should I be looking for and what would not hit her parents' wallet too hard? Also, consider that I will probably keep the new arrows about 24" long to allow for growth and eventually going up to 35# over the course of the summer. Oh, I'd like to use inserts and screw in points (65gr Saunders combo).

I know these are way too stiff as I shoot the same shaft at 27" and 45# and they're a touch too stiff for my Nemisis. I'm thinking somewhere around a 1000 spine for her. Anybody give me a hand here?