So I have a thing for first gen Onzas, just a beautiful bow. My 3-D rig is outfitted with elite limbs and Nitrous B cams, my two hunting rigs have
16" limbs with Nitro 1.5 cams. I've come to find that I enjoy shooting the 1.5 cams more than the Nitrous, the solid wall with the limb stop and the higher let-off just lend themselves to better shooting for me. I've invested a bit in setting up the 3-D bow (string set I purchased was way over priced).

Do I just learn to shoot the nitrous cam or convert it over to the 1.5 cams for 3-D. BTW, my 3-D is a gold plate special edition that I don't really want to resign to the wall for a keepsake. To convert it over would run about 250 -300 by the time I get cams/cables/strings. Finding 1.5 Nitro cams is like finding Amelia Earharts plane. I could probably make 75% back on selling the elite limbs and nitrous cams. Just not sure what to do.