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Thread: Cougar II MT-6 need sonme guidance please

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    Default Cougar II MT-6 need some guidance please

    Hi Gang!

    I'm new to this site, new to bows, but not new in general, I'm actually getting pretty old.

    So my 11 year old son wants to learn archery, and we are on the hunt for a compound bow for him, and as I wish to join in and practice with him, I am in search of a bow to learn with. My friend has given me his old bow, a Cougar II MT-6 as shown. This has taken me about 3 days of net searching to figure out what it is..including a call to Martin Tech. I thought it was a Tiger, as it plainly says Tiger on the limbs, but after removing the little assembled by Jeff Mason sticker, I see it is actually a Cougar II MT-6. Very confusing having a current youth bow, with the same name as an older adult bow. So, not sure why it has limbs that say Tiger, with the Cougar model sticker, perhaps you Martin gurus could help with this. It looks like it is in very good condition, but I think it will need a few things to be ready to shoot. I don't see a cable rod on it, (is this a key item), it will need an arrow rest (whisker biscuit??) and maybe a new site. I'm 6'2" and need about a 29" draw. This bow looks like it is just right for my size.

    Anyway, is it worth it to rebuild this bow to a functional outfit or would I be better off to look for something newer? Was this a good bow in it's day and is it still a viable shooter? I am pretty sure I will get hooked once I start, but I don't want to shell out big $$ right up front, as I want to focus on a new bow for my son first. Are sites, rests etc. pretty much universal as far as mounting, bolt holes etc.?

    Your thoughts?

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