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Thread: Cougar II MT-6 need sonme guidance please

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnzaXX View Post
    You can find a saunders Z rod to screw in the back, Cobra also made one that will work, there are a few stores online that still carry them. That would get you set up for the cable guard rod. As for a rest, are you going to use a release or fingers, this will drive what type of rest you want to get.
    Spiker sent me the cable guard rod, as well as a whisker biscuit (Trophy Ridge) and 3 pin optical site. I already have a release. Hopefully the biscuit will be correct...looks like it will work. I also found a drop rest in the last few days...NAP SmartRest. From my short experience with my son's Browning and whisker biscuit, I think I will go with that...I like the way it holds the arrow in all dropping off the bow etc. There may be reasons to use the drop rest, which I don't know at this time...your thoughts?


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