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Thread: Thinning out my archery stuff

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Thinning out my archery stuff

    Due to the flood and all I have decided to thin out my collection of archery stuff.
    I do have a list...

    Cost of shipping will be through out local Post Office or my best guess. I usually lose out

    Might add to as I sort.... Can take pics of item..... (may be sold) is me waiting on check. TYD means total cost....

    2011 Martin Shadowcat. Black carbon. Power Tough limbs. Original HammerHead strings still good for some hard shooting. Bow shoots awesome. Includes 45 degree Super Peep with 1/8" orifice. $350 TYD.sold

    Unknown year; Kodiak Outdoors Bow Logic 36 target bow. Frankensteined with Pearson Z7 cam/wheel system. $220.00 TYD (may be sold). Sold

    Sure Loc Challenger 550, works like new, with 9" bar. Includes 3rd axis block, Sure Loc box and papers. 2 Boss all carbon scope housings (super light). I have 1 decent lens and couple clunkers I'll throw in. I have used the clunkers, but had them set up different. $175.00 for all.

    Bitzenberger Fletching jig. Like new in box. Used it for maybe a dozen arrows and never liked it. $40.00. Sold

    Trophy Taker Drop Rest. X-treme SL. New in package. Full capture, right hand, black. $35.00. sold

    Trophy Taker Drop rest. Used, works like new. unknown model. Looks like the Shakey or Pronghorn Fall away. Right hand. Black. $25.00. sold

    Frost cutlery knife and nylon sheath. Black Out Defender. 4 1/2" blade. New in box. $20.00.

    Buck Folding knife. Clips on belt. 3 1/2" blade. Black. New in box. $30.00.

    Bohning Blazer Helix Fletching jig. 3 degree. New in box. $25.00. sold

    N.A.P. QuickTune Freedom Drop Rest. 2 new extra heads. Cordless rest. Used for evaluation, so like new. This rest is not for the inexperienced. $25.00.

    Doodle Drop arrow rest. No real pressure needed on draw cord to raise. Lead weight gravity drop. Used it for a year on my ProElite. Just a no nonsense drop rest. $30.00.

    Bodoodle Arrow rests. Bullet model. By original Boddoodle company. 1 new in package and 2 used.
    The only arrow rest in the world that will give true arrow float of prong style rests.
    $40.00 for all. sold

    Bodoodle Arrow rest. Conquest model. By original Bodoodle company. Just like the Bullet, but has extention to catch arrow. Right hand, black.
    Will throw in camo Conquest for parts. Bent, run over with ATV.
    $10.00 for all. Sold

    Original Golden Key Drop Rest. Tough man style, old, but like new, used for one day. $10.00. Sold

    N.A.P. QuikTune 3000 arrow rest. One of most adjustable shoot through prong rests. Used. $20.00. Sold

    3D Rover arrow rest. Much like the QuikTune 3000. One great shoot through rest. $20.00. Sold

    Easton ST Epic 340 arrows. 15 count. Good condition. Cut shaft length is 27 1/2". $40.00 for all. sold

    Bohning pin nocks. 13 nocks per bag. Have 20 bags. $4.00 per bag. Buy all and I'll pay the shipping. 16 bags may remain, buy all 16 and I'll eat the shipping.
    2 - transparent green. sold
    2 - yellow.
    10 - black.
    6 - white.

    Bohning Blazer X2 vanes. 3 -100 packs. Black, metal flake red and blue. I can not believe the price in Lancaster's catalog, $19.99 per 100 pack.
    $10.00 per pack. sold

    Bohning Mini Blazers. 2 - 100 packs. Orange and whitel. $10.00 per pack. sold

    Bohning X vanes. 1 3/4" Shield Cut. 1 - 100 pack. Orange. $10.00. sold

    Pro-pod. New in bag. Blue. $7.50. sold

    1 bag of 4" feathers. White, red, yellow, and black. 92 count. $5.00. sold

    N.A.P. 2" Twisters. 2 - 100 packs. White and orange. $10.00 per pack. Buy both and I'll throw in a 36 pack of white Twisters. sold
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