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Thread: Thinning out my archery stuff

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Thinning out my archery stuff

    Trying to sweeten the pot.

    2011 Martin Shadowcat. Black carbon. Power Tough limbs. Original HammerHead strings still good for some hard shooting. Bow shoots awesome. Includes 45 degree Super Peep with 1/8" orifice. $375 TYD. Sold

    To sweeten;
    Have half dozen CXL Pro 150s set up for this bow, will throw in along with 2 older CXL 150s (practice arrows or I can match to the Pro 150s). The half dozen are fletched with Bohning X vanes, 1 3/4" Shield cuts, glue-in 70 gr points with 20 gr weights, pin bushings and CX bull dog collars. Have some extra points set up (have to check to see how many).
    I have a package of pin bushings, perhaps half dozen or more, throw in a package of 12 pin nocks.
    Also have a set of Vapor Trail strings that have some pretty good life left in them. I took them off my 2010Shadowcat when Martin wanted it sent in to rebuild, otherwise they'd be in use. Also have a new set of 20110 yellow/black Martin strings to throw in.

    Won't price again. I'll let it collect dust with my other bows.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Thinning out my archery stuff

    Still having inquiries; The Martin Shadowcat is sold.....

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