It's been almost 3 years, at Metro ASA ProAm in 2010. I was wandering around booths near the Bohning booth and come upon this older Pro Shooter and a on-going archery discussion. He pointed to the practice area, which was swamped with contestants. Here is what he it said; "You know, we're out there for a purpose. Those boys and girls just understand that if they didn't bring it with them they aren't going to find it out there."

Now, "we're out there for a purpose" is PR. Okay, Pros have their own practice range also, but they are "practicing" something of the same thing. Guess who's watching the Pros? Fans and prospective customers.
And of course, "bring it with them" is being prepared. If you think Pros need to practice a few minutes before a big shoot you best guess again. Them boys and girls can shoot lights out without even getting warmed up.

For quite some time I'm ready when I show up. I might fling a arrow or two while waiting on a sidekick, buts that's all and I really don't care if those couple of shots are off a bit as I know my bow is dead on. Many times I just go out. And it took some doing to break the habit and that's what it became, a habit. I wanted to "warm up" at every 3D, shoot 20 and 30 shots at least.

And then I went to this 3D and a archery dealer, Charlie, I knew well was there. We were to shoot together with some of his friends. I said I wanted to warm up and he came back with; "You don't need warmed up. Come on." And off we went without me flinging one arrow. I shot high overall that day. A month or so later and here was Charlie again. "Come on. Some 3Ds need killing." Off we went. I won again. That pretty much broke my habit. Again, I'm ready when I show up.