Well I will be heading out in about an hour, I have to repack the trunk of my car, I forgot to load my card table to set up my kitchen on.
This will be my 4th year shooting this event sence I returned to archery.
My first year 2010 I finished 12th, 2011 I finished in 3rd.Last year 2012 I won my class.
I will be shooting this year trying to defend my title and woop up on my buddies again...LOL
It is a blast when everyone you shoot against are real good friends and you can give each other a good ribbing at a big shoot and no one gets pissy about it.
It's going to be a real good time flingging broadheads at at foam targets and real nice to see some old friends again.
Let you all know how I did and share some pics with you on Monday.
Here is a link with info on this shoot...http://www.cbhsaa.net/Broadhead.pdf