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Thread: Hoyt Ramoage XT - weak limb

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    Default Hoyt Ramoage XT - weak limb

    the other day I noticed that the lower left split limb of my rampage was damaged, a whole fibre (?) of the limb material had seperated from the limb. I removed the fibre but I noticed some bad cam lean on the bottom cam! I thought that cam lean normally does not occur on the bottom cam, so I guess the lower left split limb is significantly weaker.

    I ordered new limbs cause I wanted 70# anyway (:P), but is it save to shoot the bow with the weakened split limb?? the bow seems to be very hard to tune as well..

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Hoyt Ramoage XT - weak limb

    Rampage, correct?

    You'll have to describe the separation better or show a pic. If what we call a splinter or sliver you're more than likely safe to shoot the bow. Usually, the splinter or sliver is on the corner of the limb. Hoyts have been known to do this for quite some time. Depending on if you bought the bow or keep your mouth shut (just saying it like it is) Hoyt will replace the limbs.

    What we do is take a pair of finger nail clippers and clip off the splinter or just press where the splinter stops and pull up on the splinter to snap off. We then lightly sand the area of the splinter and coat with a clear coat of finish spray. I forget the name of the stuff at the moment.

    My Ole War Horse has three such splintered off areas, on the corners of the limbs. I buffed down with Scotch Brite and that's it. Never coated the area at all. Been that way for years. Just as fast and accurate as ever.

    As for the cam lean, you probably didn't note this until the separation. Regardless of me giving the above, if you question the separation and cam lean, speak with your local dealer or call Hoyt.

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