Filled my second NY yesterday, the second to last day of the season in NY. Waited for the weather to clear and drove South to a place I knew had some birds but had only hunted turkeys there once about 8 years ago. Its a 2.5 hour drive so I decided to head down the night before and camp so I could get some sleep, rather than drive down and hunt that morning. Finally the weather forecast looked good and I got there and did some scouting, didn't see a single track and I questioned my decision to drive that far. Around 7pm the clouds rolled in and the thunder/lightning started again, thought it was supposed to be over. The good thing was I heard toms shock gobble to the thunder and felt better about staying. The storm was a good one, lots of lightning and heavy rain; it finally let up after 9pm and I was able to set up camp on a tarp in the wet grass and cook some dinner. Got to bed after 10pm and the stars were starting to shine through the clouds.

Didn't sleep very good, everything was damp and I was getting dripped on with no tent, when I got up around 4am the stars were gone. I got ready and hoped to hear some gobbles as it got light out, but the birds had other plans with the heavy fog. I set up way up in the back of the small grassy field and started calling, had a hen answer my yelps but she never came out of the woods. Around 7 am the fog started lifting and I heard some more hen talk and gobbles way off in the distance. I continued calling and had two birds gobbling but they weren't that close; one across the dirt road to the South and another down the ridge to the West.

Eventually the one across the road was getting closer, then I heard him in the neighbor's field, he had crossed the road. He gobbled again and was coming, then I spotted his red head coming out of the strip of woods. He worked his way up and to my left but wouldn't come closer then 30 yds; he headed toward the woods and I tried to open one of the back windows in case I could get a shot but he saw me, putted and ran away.

The other bird was still there and I kept calling, soon his gobbles were getting louder but I didn't get my hopes up. Next gobble was really close and I knew he was coming, then I spotted another red head, this time to my right and coming right to me this time. He stopped at 30 yds and stared at the decoys, he started to turn toward the woods so I did a couple fighting purrs and that did it, he headed right to my decoys. Shot was about 10 yds and my 10 year old Martin Altitude had put another one down.

He's a good one, makes up for the tom I missed: 19 lbs, 9.5" beard, 1"+ spurs.