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Thread: Boots for bad feet

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    Default Boots for bad feet

    I have Neuropathy in my feet and Am curious to what some of you guys wear for boots. I hunt only with non-insulated boots here as it's never cold enough to need heavy insulated boots. Bought a pair of Cabelas Full Draw last year and they are falling apart and very uncomfortable.

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    Bob, I bought a set of low cut camo Wolverine's with sent lock and no insulation from cabalas about four years back. Little cool for Dec-Jan hunts but Aug-early Nov good to go. The boot has a sold bottom and I really like the lower cut boot. I can't count the miles on them and I still have lots of years left in them. If I remember right I got them around $80 bucks on sale. I'm looking for a new winter boot that's water proof and some installation, "they will be Wolverines".
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    Always been a big fan of Irish Setter (Red Wing) boots never cheap but always bulletproof. I also remove the factory "worthless garbage" footbed and insert a Super Feet footbed. Way more support and puts you foot in such better alignment
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