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Thread: 2012 Scepter V Pro, red riser, converted to NitrousX B cams, or can put back to stock

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    Default 2012 Scepter V Pro, red riser, converted to NitrousX B cams, or can put back to stock

    I've decided the Scepter V long ATA is just longer than I am really comfortable with. At my height (5'9") and draw length (27.5"), I find my Alien Z with NitrousX C cams fits me better.

    The Scepter shoots very well with the NitrousX B cams. For the NitrousX cam conversion, I use a Dremel high speed orbital sander and slowly sand down between the limb forks to remove a couple hundredths, just enough to get the cams and an ultra thin nylon washer in there. I have done this on a ShadowCat (sold over a year ago) the Scepter V and my Alien Z. All have worked without any problems at all, but of course, I cannot guarantee anything. Like any bow, I would not shoot them with underweight arrows.

    I have the Scepter V at ~59 pounds, at 27.5" with a 323 grain arrow and getting 293 fps for ASA tournaments. I am somewhere in the middle of the adjustment range. I need to check on the drawboard to be certain, but I know it will go longer at least an inch or two, maybe more. I will check and confirm tonight.

    The cams are polished, and it has the wide axles. The strings are solid silver with silver serving, including Angel center serving. I make my own strings following the Little Jon (Deezlin on AT) video method. The strings are in great shape. I made them over the winter. I pre-stretch at 300#, so they are settled in. I only shot the bow for practice and a couple of turnaments in January and February before I went back to the Alien Z.

    The riser is red and the only mark I have seen is just above the bottom rear stabilizer mounting hole, where my v bar mount rubbed a little. There may be typical marks at the rest and sight mount, but I usually do not use a set screw on the rest to mar the riser. The current limbs are 3L (I know they are 3, not sure about the L, M, H) and I am not bottomed out, so it should easily go over 60#, presumably to 65# or better with these limbs. The limbs are black carbon weave and have the white Martin logo, NOT the green. I replaced the limb bolts with longer length stainless, so the bow can be taken down without a press (like all Martins used to.)

    I also have the stock limbs (also white logo) (~60#) and Nitro 1.5 cams and strings (black & grey strings) I can put back on the bow if someone just wants it as a stock Scepter V Pro. Or, if you want both so you can do your own experiments, I will sell it all.

    Prices (all TYD in continental US/Canada, elsewhere, will have to check shipping):

    Scepter V with NitrousX B cams - $525

    Scepter V returned to stock with Nitro 1.5 cams - $400

    Scepter V with Nitrous X B cams and extra limbs and Nitro 1.5 cams & cableguard - $ 625

    I will post some pics tonight.

    If the bow sells as a stock unit, I will keep the limbs and Nitrous X B cams for another project, so please hold the offers to buy the Nitrous cams alone.

    Only possible trades or partial trades would be NitrousX C cams with mini mods (including X mods), MAYBE a pristine condition target colored SlayerX with Nitrous B or C cams, a later model short draw lower weight bow for my daughters (11 & 14), or a really good sight/scope/light combination.


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