As some of you know, I have a small handycap when it comes to my anchor hand. I am missing my index finger and I can not lock into a soild anchor point.
My hand floats around on my face, thus my shots are all over the place.
Well today I got to messing around with some wax and came up with something I think will help my shooting.
It is a mouth piece that has a small spoon like part that comes out the right side of my mouth that I can place my middle fineger in.
This is not any kind of sight or release aid, it is just something I can stick my finger in to get a repeteable anchor.
This is just a wax proto type for now, I talked to my dentest about making this and he said he would cast it for me out of the same plastic they use for dentures.
I hope to have it this weekend to try out at the range.
Let me know what you all think.
mouth guard 1.jpg
mouth guard 2.JPG