Got in another 3D. Seven Hills is small club, shoots on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Scores are kept simple; 10,8,5,0.

This is probably the tightest wooded club around and set down in fairly large gulley. No air for probably 2/3 of the course. The killer is shooting up hill and into the sunlight. So shooting a black target and sometimes a black target in a black hole. Gots some pics and will post sometime today.

Bad thing is, the club doesn't keep scores or have awards. Which is fine, but they need something to pull in some shooters. Tops is about 35 to 40 and most all are the fixed sights people.

I nailed down a 288/300. Officer working registeration said I had the best score of day. Turkeys just kill me and they had 6 of them. One caribou with a 4" diameter 10 ring cost me 2 points. Something I haven't shot in years is the Delta Grizzly. I had it for distance, 45 yards, but just right of the smallish 10 ring by the width of my index finger.