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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Some more items and....

    Some more items and will be adding;

    Three Bohning fletching jigs. One is from a previous classified post and two are from a friend who is moving out of state.
    These jig retail for over $42.00.
    note; checked at post office - 1 shipping box will hold 2 of these jigs. So buy 2 and only $12.50 shipping
    New and all in box - Bohning 3 degree Helix - $25 plus $12.50 shipping.
    Used, but like new - Bohning 3 degree Helix. - $15 plus $12.50 shipping.
    Use, but like new - Bohning Big Jig 1 degree offset - $15 plus $12.50 shipping.
    Have new in package (1) Bohning vane stripper, will throw in with one of the above jigs for $5.00.

    New, never used Neet target belt quiver, brown leather 3 tube, side pouch and compartment, retail over $50.00. Asking $20 plus $12.50 shipping. Has STAFF embordiered in with Presley's Indoors.

    Slug of Bohning vanes - still sorting. Will break down in batches, so ask. Want 36 for a dozen arrows, will do. Mostly Blazers and Mini Blazers. Shipping??? I don't know, $6.00 any amount...
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Some more items and....

    Finally composed list of his vanes. My sidekick experiemented like me, so the numbers.
    Again, I don't know... 36 and $6.00 TYD?

    Bohning vanes;
    72 Micro Mini Blazers - 1.0 inch, white, 2.2 grs.
    62 X vane Shield cuts 1.5 inch, white, 3.0 grs.
    100 pack Mini Blazers 1.5 inch, dark blue, 4.0 grs.
    15 Blazer - Transparent orange 6.0 grs.
    18 Blazer Green
    39 Blazer Yellow
    23 Blazer Black
    61 Blazer Black with white name Blazer
    51 Blazer white
    91 Blazer white with black name Blazer
    33 Blazer discolored white
    6 --- Blazer red
    39 Fusion 2.1 inch, yellow, 7.0 grs.

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