Seems if you're on ArcheryTalk everybody and their brother is shooting 100 shots per day and as much as 4000 per month. I shall refrain from posting what I think (profanity not allowed), but give; Shooting this much and only hunting? Shooting this much and not doing well in competition? 4000 shots in one month, 48000 shots per year and how many sets of strings in one year.

If you got your form and shot game down pat then judging yardage is paramount, but just as paramount is studying the 3D target and then placing your arrow. I do not shoot 100s of arrows. I mean, I do over a year's time, but my shooting is directed to good form and putting my arrow where it needs to be. I got it figured this way; 25 good all around shots in one session is better than flinging 100 arrows in one day. And I might put in 2 or 3 sessions in one day. And just like at a competitive event, I don't burn myself out on the practice range. I might shoot a couple of arrows to make sure everything is like it's supposed to be, but that's all. And I don't change my sight settings for any club practice range. For me, ratchet jawing with those practicing is more to my liking.

Note; I've added it enough times. I shoot something of 15,000 or more shots per year.

I think I touched on placing the arrow before either here or somewhere else. Now, placing the arrow for 3D can be a solid 10 or that bonus 12 ring.
Shooting bull's eyes is nice, but kinda boring...depending on how far you're shooting. But for 3D my Super Senior class has a max 40 yards. And that 12 ring is pretty dang small, 1 1/2", and then add distance. Of course making things more challenging is not being able to see that dang 12 ring from farther back. Entry studying the target. Find the 10 ring, find the 12. For IBO and NFAA finding the 12 ring is pretty easy as it's dead center of the 10 ring. Center the 10 ring and either a IBO 11 or a NFAA 12. For ASA that dang 12 ring is low, like on the left side of the 3D target, 5:00 or 5:30 just inside the 10 ring and on the right side of the 3D target it's low at almost 6:00 on some targets and maybe almost 7:00 on others. Lord! So many times I thought I had that 12 drilled and didn't.

So today, I knew where those dang 12 rings were hiding. I tried drilling that 12 from as far back as 40 yards and some of my "stumps" are shot out and I went for the 14 ring (allowed only for Shoot Offs). Two things; One, I know my bow is pin point accurate. Two, there was no guessing yardage. So 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 yards. My major problem was having my pin where it needed to be and this "seeing" how my pin should look on the target. I didn't shoot a bunch at each distance, but shot until that dang 12 was dead meat (not all the time, but if not dead meat, then scared near to death). From 40 yards I was quite amazed. I ran off something like 50% hits. The 50% that didn't hit came super close or fell low, but well in line with 12s and 14s. The low shots was nothing more than me looking instead seeing the sight picture needed. Old habit maybe because for years I stacked my pin and wanted point of impact. And this was what I was trying to find out, why when in competition and going for the 12 I shoot low. Like the Pekin ASA Qualifier. I shot low so many times and just missing and missing low enough I ran a string of 8s. Twice I know of I just caught the edge of the 10 ring below the 12 ring.
Making things a little more perturbing was after we shot we discussed the yardage and we were either in agreement or maybe a yard or so off. This meaning I was just shooting low, looking instead of seeing the sight picture for the target.

So I just need to get my "ducks lined up" and maybe things will improve.

I wish I had taken some pictures, but just shooting was about all I could handle as the heat and humidity was a bit much.