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Thread: Black Diamond Archery 3D

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    Kent McCollum owns Kent's Custom Strings in Ft. Madison Iowa. Shoots PSE.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Black Diamond Archery 3D

    Yep, that be him. I guess someone just had this sight he had and Kent ended up selling to the guy. So put another and somehow broke it. He then put on one he had to tinker with. He'd move it, move it some more and then it take off and move too far. Now, all he had was these pliers that a little worth more than worthless = He told me so We got to this one target and he hit about six right of where he was aiming. He shot at his arrow and his second arrow went 6 right of his first. So he moved it again....5th or 6th time, maybe more. Now, we were just shooting, nothing serious and Kent never once lost his cool. Darn good natured feller. Anyway, of our last target Kent drilled the X and I followed him. Pair of Xs we got.
    This was the last target of the second course and I had finished the first course the day before. We got up to the Concession stand where we parted, but I bought him soda and rattled a tad I got his phone number. He forgot to bring his cards and I had given out all his others.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Black Diamond Archery 3D

    Didn't shoot today, but got last month's scores. Now, rotten as my score was I turned it in and was even told to turn in. Man, if I thought my score was bad.... I know darned well there were just me and Kevin. I know there were at least 2 others and should have been enough for about 10 in class.
    And Kevin was even down. The last two targets where I found my peep moved, right there was enough to bring me with 10 of Kevin and just slopping along Sunday with my attitude finished me. Ya just gots to keep plugging and forget that last target or down hill slide of another day.

    Ahhhhh! Me thinks me knows...Bad scores don't look good especially behind other bad scores. Yeah, don't turn in your score card and no bad score to see. Well, Ben Pearson Outdoors will see mine. I shot what I shot and dang glad I got that....

    Kevin Tracey 378 1st
    Sonny Thomas 358 2nd

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Black Diamond Archery 3D

    Aug 25, 2013 Black Diamond 3D.

    Had one of my best worst days today. When I shot good I was dead, dead on. When I shot bad me gots a 5....Mercy. And all but one shot was due to having a lens. Sun light and black holes just killed me. And I'll tell you, it was hot and the first 20 targets took forever to shoot. We covered perhaps a 1/2 mile to shoot 10 targets, they were spread out that much and all were in the sun. I wouldn't doubt 3/4 of a mile for the 20 targets. I think we started around 8:30 or so and finished target 20 around 11:30 and having 6 doubled up targets didn't help. There were 5 of us in the group and one had his 10 year old son with him....and this isn't knocking the boy. In fact, the boy just plain walked up to the stake and blazed away.

    I shot with Dan Terill, president on the Pekin Archers. Travis ????, a young man and fairly good shooter. Tim Yocum, semi Pro ASA shooter and PSE Pro Staff shooter. Kevin Koch, ASA Pro Shooter and I believe Pro Staff shooter for Elite.

    Again, heat and time Tim, Travis pulled out at the half point. Dan was a aggrevated with the time issue and, I believe tired, he and his hinge release weren't getting along.

    Kevin and I plugged on after we all had a drink. Again, when I was on I was on. There wasn't any of this just catching the line. This club does not score 12s, but if it had I would have a bunch of them and Kevin also. Again, black holes just killed me. A lens is so nice, but glare can give false sighting and 3 times I had that to give me 3 5s. The fourth was just me and so were the 4 8s I got.

    My best non-counting 12 came with me shooting lead off. A caribou that I figure 42 yards. Sight set, I took aim and everything was perfect and the arrow just went, no thinking involved. When the arrow hit home I ripped off; "If I ain't got that nailed somebody moved the X ring." Sure enough I drilled the X.

    I did mess up on the bonus steel target. I just plain didn't give it enough gas. I was dead center, but 1/4" low to give me a 10. Blew my arrow in the weirdest manner I every saw. The first inches of the arrow were driven back in the shaft. The pin bushing mushroomed the nock end and never hurt the point or the pin bushing and nock. If not for the splinters you thought just a shorter arrow.

    Anyway, I shot a 372/400. Not good, but probably not bad either, but won't know until they post scores. And I wasn't paying attention or just use to it. My bow hand, rebuilt 10 years ago, tends to swell some. Heat or tired or both my hand swelled that when I pulled wrist watch off there was a groove about 1/8" deep or more halfway around my wrist - usually from on back the wrist and around past the thumb on the palm side.

    And again many Unlimited (Free style / Open) shooters did not turn in score cards - 3 being those in our group.

    I don't know what has happened in the last few years. At one time the Unlimited class was Black Diamond's second largest class. Now, it's lucky to draw 10 shooters. CBFSR (Compound bow, fixed sights and release) holds 1st in numbers. Second in numbers is the same type shooter, but shoot in our Bowhunter class (tough shot class, if you will). And Traditional is making a come back, out numbering the Unlimited class.
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    Sonny Thomas


    Update; I got 1st place. Unbelieveable...........

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