It could be that all these major retailers aren't stocking their bows because they aren't shipping them. Ever think of it that way? Tell you guys this. I've been a staff shooter for 20 years now. Martin is the 4th company I've been with and I've been with them since the beginning of 2004. I'm 66 years old and have been pondering for several years of giving up the staff position. If Martin does go out of business it won't be any skin off my nose. I just feel for the employees that will have to look for another job.

And for what it's worth we might not get much more time to converse here on this site. If Martin goes down then more than likely there will be no need for the Tech Forums. This I will miss, and the guys on here. What's even more scary is that Archery Talk is owned by Terry Martin. Where would all the people go if that disappeared? Something to think about.