Well I would imagine that Martin has their hands full at the moment, and probably don't feel that the firing of an employee, no matter who it was, is really news worthy. As for the rumors of them closing the doors, I think there would probably be a press release if it were true.

More likely they are going through a transition phase of some sort. Remember they have a new CEO, and they are trying to make the business more attractive to buyers; I imagine there's some major changes going on and we're just seeing a small part of the story. For all we know they may have decided to scale back and sell directly to their fans in small numbers so they could upgrade their facilities. Idk, just hypothesizing but the point is that when they are finished they will pull the curtains back and let everyone see the big picture.

Joel was definitely a loss, but I'm sure they only let him go because they had no choice. Which means he really screwed up. We may find out the real story one day, maybe not. Joel probably has been told to keep the circumstances quiet, and Martin probably doesn't want to air office politics.