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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Don't over tune!

    First off, The Martin bow manual has good info for bare shaft, paper and broadhead tuning.

    I've read of this way too much, people trying to get their bows to blend all tune procedures into one. Ain't happening. You have your bow ready to tune; You paper tune and paper tuning is but one step of fine tuning a bow. With paper tuning one should vary the distance to make sure of things. Many times I've seen bullet hole punching bows rip paper something awful when moving to longer distance.

    At least well known tuning expert acknowledged the finest shooting bows he ever owned wouldn't paper tune to save his life. I can say the same. My Ole War Horse UltraTec has proven itself in 3D, Indoor, Outdoor and in Field. It shoots through paper like it hates its. Later on I changed to another rest and different arrow and it shot bullet holes from 8 feet through 20 yards in increments of 5 yards.

    You move to Walk Back tuning you do not return to paper tuning. Same thing if using French tuning, you don't go back to paper tuning.

    Bare shaft tuning needs done correctly and correctly is having the bare shaft weighted in the area to be fletched with the same weight as the vanes. Scotch or electrical tape will work. And this means whether shooting through paper or tuning to a fletched arrow.

    Broadhead tuning. All broadheads are not created equal. Depending on the bow and bow set up, some just fly better than others and some fly better if a bit of bow tweaking is done (hope that isn't confusing). Matching point of impact with field points and broadheads is taming two different animals to do the same thing. It can be a long drawn out ordeal. And many people have found switching broadheads can make all the difference in the world.

    More often than not I go by arrow manufacturer's arrow charts. I select the arrow according to my draw weight, arrow length and point weight. When it comes to tuning, by others I "throw my bows together" and they hate that. Hate it because my bows are as pin accurate as theirs which they poured hours of loving, pains taking care in tuning with different procedures.

    Jim Dougherty is probably one of the most respected in archery and once penned he could tune a bow to shoot a spade. He was also one the first men to deny the said fact tha a bow couldn't be tuned to shoot a broadhead over 260 fps. Well said as today we have people shooting fixed broadheads of 300 fps and more and with deadly accuracy.
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