We all have our loyalties ... let's just say Martin ceases to exist, or imagine they never did for that matter because I'd rather not think about the first option ... what bow from what other company would you likely shoot or would like to shoot?

I'll start.

Since seeing the 2013 lineup from Bear really blew me away with what they came out with, the Motive 6 and Empire have really tickled my fancy. I'd be happy to give the Method a whirl also ... like a simplified less expensive Motive 6/7 cross.

All the other companies I just don't really dig right now, I can't stand Mathews risers and same with the PSE riser/limb setup.

The only other bow that I've seen that I think would be nice to shoot is the Vector series from that other company that I choose not to name Shot with a gentlemen at a 3D this year that was shooting the Vector 35 and it was sharp.