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Thread: If not Martin ... who?

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    If not martin.... who????


    I start off with fishing. I always goes with PENN. i believe Old company always have something hide under their product, and that why they still exist in the world. (fren among me, complaining saying PENN is history, old, outdated.. compare to those new japanese designed reel.)
    But to me, PENN invented the Integrated Side Plate. where all kinds of conventional reels in this world using their ISP patten and technology. So? PENN IS old? PENN is outdated?

    For archery, i guess i will stay the same. I once choose Martin, is also because the history of the company. the advancement of inventing many types of technology into archery. FOr me, Martin definately have something hide under their product, which make them unique. Sometimes u just cant tell why u like Martin over other bow. Just that feel. I guess, they also using technology to create the so called "feel" of the bow.....

    Sometimes when looking at other brand compound bow, and advertised to be the so called latest technology (2.0, 3.0, 4.0 5.0 cam version), Hhmmmm.... where did i see this cam design before????? Martin bow has it in 2009???.

    I like the origin technology, not the copy, and rennovated technology and claim to their own.

    to answer If Not Martin... Who?

    I really donno...... the other two will old history company. Both brand bow riser does not attract my liking.

    But one things for sure.
    I will still shoot my Rytera Nemesis and still keep it.
    That is a one of a kind design of riser. No other bow has it.
    I almost have Seeker 365 in my collection, that is also one of the kind.

    The carbon riser does attracts me, but i will not go to that extend to buy it brand new.
    Maybe wait for another one or two year see any laying around so 2nd price.
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