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Thread: Little fun club 3-d today.

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    Default Little fun club 3-d today.

    The club I belong to puts on a small 3-D series, 6 shoots throughout the year they call it the "Scalps & Skins".
    They set out 24 3-d targets at unmarked yardages. You go around the course twice shooting from different number stakes, 1-24.
    When we setup the couse we try and set it up so that if you shoot from one stake and then move over to the next stake there is a good chance of hitting an arrow that is already in the target.
    But if you want it is ok to shoot both stakes and not do 2 laps around the course. Max high score would be 240, scoring is 10-8-5.

    It is only 10 bucks to shoot and if you want to shoot a 2nd. round it's 5 bucks. We open the shoot to the public but only club members are up for awards.
    At the end of the year at the club banquet they give out the awards for 1st in each class.
    Today was the last shoot of the series and I think I am leading it, I shot a 203 today, not bad for me.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Little fun club 3-d today.

    Looks like you have some good shots. Hope for the best for ya....

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